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Let's Discuss Brother Albert Pike

Blinding Ourselves

Rummer & Grapes No. 116

On Reflection

My New Home

Let's Discuss The Hiramic Legend

Why Memorize Ritual

Hierarchical Relationships

Rummer & Grapes No. 115

Pixelbook Go Is Dead

Put Them Out Of Their Misery

Let's Discuss The Sacred Feminine

Rummer & Grapes No. 114

Why Strive To Be A Great Lodge Leader?

Weekly Masonic Doubts

An Invitation

The Symbol, Or That Which Is Symbolized

Rummer & Grapes No. 113

A Practical Question For You

Rummer & Grapes No. 112

Rota Mundi Tarot

Rummer & Grapes No. 111

Live Open Thread No. 32

Let's Discuss Masonic Clubs

Let's Discuss Finding Other Masons

Esoteric Freemasonry In Seattle

Rummer & Grapes No. 110

Let's Discuss The Future

Let's Discuss Rosicrucianism

Let's Discuss Grounding

A Podcast

Rummer & Grapes No. 109

A Gentle Reminder

Let's Discuss Religion & Politics

A Masonic Journal

Rummer & Grapes No. 108

Masonic Lodge Security

Podcast: The Future Of Freemasonry

Rummer & Grapes No. 107


Video: A Feeble Cry For Justice


Podcast: The Forget Me Not

Rummer & Grapes No. 106

Mictecacihuatl Rises

Lodge Meals As A Form Of Masonic Relief

Emeth Barbeque Competition X2

Let's Discuss Guest Speakers

Freemasonry's Material Culture

Rummer & Grapes No. 105

Happy Independence Day!

Rummer & Grapes No. 104

Let's Discuss The Number Three


Video: The New Mason

Rummer & Grapes No. 103

A Storm May Be Brewing

Legendary Freemasonry

Podcast: Guard Our West Gate

Invite your Brothers to read Emeth

Throwing Our Weight Around

Rummer & Grapes No. 102

Plural Memberships

A Petition For You, A Petition For You...

Annual Communication 2023

Let's Discuss Paying For Annual Communication

The Tyler's Register

Rummer & Grapes No. 101

Our Lodge Must Be Reliable

Let's Discuss Assisting Lodges

Rummer & Grapes No. 100

Podcast: Wealth

Let's Discuss Lodge Dues -vs- Activity

Small, Incremental Changes

Let's Help Our Worshipful Master

A Feeble Cry For Justice

Rummer & Grapes No. 99

Podcast: Now Is The Time

Video: Let's Do Business Right

The New Mason

Let's Do Business Right

Let's Discuss Roles In The Craft

Rummer & Grapes No. 98

Podcast: Masonic Education

Video: The Sacredness Of The Lodge

Emeth Barbecue Contest No. 2

The Sacredness Of The Lodge


Rummer & Grapes No. 97

A New Tarot

Let's Discuss Masonic Bling

A Big Spike

Rummer & Grapes No. 96

Civil Society


Let's Discuss Role Models

Rummer & Grapes No. 95

Let's Discuss Virtual Lodge Meetings

Let's Discuss Proficiency

Disinformation From A Masonic Perspective

If You Don't Like The Weather, Wait 10 Minutes

Rummer & Grapes No. 94

The Mason Who Makes A Difference

Let's Discuss Roadblocks

Healing Divisions

Join me on Notes

Let's Mentor Our Officers

Rummer & Grapes No. 93

Let's Discuss Lodge Proficiency

Let's Discuss 'Short Form'

Let's Discuss Background Checks

Rummer & Grapes No. 92

Let's Discuss Research Lodges

News About Emeth

Let's Discuss Amity

Let's Discuss New Buildings

Just One More Reason To Love Freemasonry

Rummer & Grapes No. 91

Rummer & Grapes No. 90

Personal Update No. 2, And No R&G

A Personal Update, And Rummer & Grapes

Jurisdiction Wide Standard Work

Rummer & Grapes No. 88

Let's Discuss Regionalization Of Grand Lodges

Freemasonry Needs Money to Thrive

Emeth Content Moderation Policy

Apple Tree Tavern No. 1

A Great Benefit Of Freemasonry


Rummer & Grapes No. 87

Masonic Recognition

Let's Discuss Perpetual Building Funds

Part 2, Get Out Of The Lodge Room: Audio


Get Out Of The Lodge Room: Audio

Let's Discuss Cool Degree Teams

Friends And Brothers

No Rummer & Grapes Tonight

Let's Have More Lodge Meetings: Video

Let's Have More Lodge Meetings

Guadalajara, Mexico

Grand Masters

About Clothes: Video

On Emeth: Video

Let's Discuss That One Little Thing

Rummer & Grapes No. 86

About Clothes

Reading: Masonic Light

On Emeth

Let's Discuss Masonic Codes

Contacting A Foreign Grand Lodge - Video

Contacting A Foreign Grand Lodge

Let's Discuss Officer Terms

Rummer & Grapes No. 85

The High Priests Of Democracy - Video

Join The New Emeth Chat

Timeless Wisdom

Freemasonry Is For All - Video Edition

The High Priests Of Democracy

Freemasonry Is For All

Let's Discuss Table Lodge

Rummer & Grapes No. 84

A Fictional Ballot: Video

A Fictional Ballot

Well, Golly

The Power Of Thought, Video Edition

The Power Of Thought

Let's Discuss Paper

Rummer & Grapes No. 83

A Masonic Fairy Tale

A Lodge Without Brotherhood

More Video

Let's Discuss Making Room For Sideliners

A Masonic Fairy Tale

Rummer & Grapes No. 82

Let's Discuss Our Reasons

Let's Discuss Social Media Accounts

Let's Discuss Traveling Men

A Lodge Without Brotherhood?

Rummer & Grapes No. 81

Spectacular Spaces

Finances And Freemasonry

Let's Toast The New Year