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I’m Cameron Bailey, Past Grand Master of the MW Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Washington. I’ve been writing about Freemasonry for many years, and doing all that I’m able to encourage Masonic education and truly meaningful Lodge experiences.

By learning together and reimagining Freemasonry, we can create Legendary Lodges, Legendary Brotherhood. Legendary Freemasonry.

We can Live this Legend, and by doing so we will grow and inspire our Ancient Craft.

I’ve long dreamed of a Masonic library of sorts, a Masonic educational institution, where like minded Freemasons could gather, relax in big leather chairs, and learn from each other, all while enjoying a great scotch and cigar. Alas, both cost and geography prevent such an institution from ever being founded in the physical world, but technology enables us to create exactly that online.

To build that community and provide Masons everywhere with the Masonic education and online fellowship that they are crying out for, I’ve created Emeth.

I hope that you will consider joining us here on Emeth, and help us build a premier network for fellowship and discussion. An online space where we can reimagine the Lodge Experience and truly create Legendary Freemasonry.

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Paid subscriptions include regularly scheduled live online discussions via Zoom, including our long running Rummer & Grapes gatherings. We also occasionally enjoy in person events, twice we have headed off to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on a grand Masonic venture, and last summer we held our first ever BBQ contest.

Purchasing a paid subscription to Emeth isn’t really about these events though. It is about supporting the work. It is about helping to provide the resources needed so that actionable information that will help to improve our Lodges here on Emeth gets out to Freemasons everywhere. If you are reading this, I know that it is important to you that Freemasonry thrives and faces a bright future. Your paid subscription helps to ensure that can come about. Essays offering ideas and strategies that can be used to strengthen Lodges that are posted here on Emeth reach thousands of Freemasons each and every week. None of this would be possible without the support of those who purchase subscriptions to Emeth.

Emeth is written and curated by only me. The schedule is therefore somewhat aspirational, and can not be set in stone. But I am a prolific writer and spend a great deal of time each day both thinking about and practicing Freemasonry, so you should expect your inbox to remain quite lively.

By subscribing to either a paid or free plan you will ensure that you never miss an update. You won’t have to worry about missing posts. Every new edition of the Emeth newsletter, and discussion topic, goes directly to your email inbox, and to the Substack app. Our private social networking space, Emeth Chat is available only through the app, available for both iOS and Android.

Join the quest for Light

Join in the discussions following each essay and topic to be part of a Masonic community of people who share your passion for Freemasonry. Hop on Chat to informally talk Freemasonry with Brothers down the street and around the world. Together we will all learn from each other, and help spread Masonic Light.

Gather with us over the Zoom platform, and occasionally in person. Together we will build a community that can help us along our own personal Masonic journeys, and strengthen our Lodges, by applying what we learn from each other.

Emeth can help your Lodge

Masonic education should be a part of every single regular Lodge meeting. I would argue that it should be the largest component of every meeting. If your Lodge is in need of an educational program, Emeth can supply that program.

Simply go through the Discussions, find one that you considered to be interesting, and present that question to your Lodge. Have the Lodge discuss it, Round Robin style, with each man giving his own answer to it, or view of it, in turn. Make sure that everyone participates.

You will find that this will result in a Masonic education program that your Lodge will enjoy.

If you want to add additional perspective to the question, the discussion that took place here on Emeth offers a treasure trove of perspective, and some very well thought out answers.

Masonic education need not be hard or complicated, Emeth makes it easy.

By providing it, you will grow your Lodge.

Emeth can help your candidates and new Masons

When we Initiate a new man, it is extremely important that we mentor and coach him well. Doing so is one of the keys to retention.

Another key to retention is broad based Masonic education. Exactly what Emeth is designed to provide.

Those going through the Degrees, and our new Master Masons would greatly benefit from the perspective and the experience offered by all of those who participate here. These men can learn a great deal from the posts and other discussions Emeth provides.

The full Emeth experience is open to them, even our paid subscriber benefits, all without any cost, here’s how:

If you are a paid subscriber to Emeth, and your Lodge has a new Mason, or you know a new Mason, send me his name and email address. I will provide him with a complimentary paid subscription to Emeth, for one year. This will get him the full experience and all of the benefits of Emeth, completely free of charge. It will give him the Masonic education that so many of our new Masons are craving, yet so few actually receive.

Before you send me his name and email address, please be sure that you tell him about Emeth, and to expect emails from me, so that he isn’t suddenly bombarded with a bunch of emails that he has no idea where they are coming from, or why he is receiving them.

I am sorry to have to limit this to paying subscribers, but I fear that the administration of it would quickly grow unmanageable for me if there were no limitation in place.


No one man speaks for Freemasonry. Freemasonry is an individual quest, what is true and valid for me, might not be for someone else. Please take of my writings those things that are of value for you, and feel fully free to reject those things which upon reflection seem defective to you.

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Legendary Freemasonry. Entered Apprentice to the Grand East.


Past Grand Master, The MW Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of Washington