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Freemasonry Needs Money to Thrive

Freemasonry Needs Money to Thrive

Indeed, without it Freemasonry can't survive

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Thank you for joining me as I read my essay: Money, Freemasonry can’t survive without it.

In it, I explore our new Entered Apprentice’s first moments as a Mason, pointing out some of the ways a lack of finances harm his experience, and how a more prosperous Lodge would result in him having a far superior Masonic Experience.

Some Lodges do this now. Sadly, most do not.

We can improve it. We can strive to provide all our Masons, including our newest EA’s, with truly Legendary Freemasonry.

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If it is to enjoy a bright future, Freemasonry must address the issue of money. The simple fact of the matter is that for decades and decades now we have been putting far too low of price on Freemasonry, and our Ancient Craft is suffering as a result. We must all pay more today if we hope to transmit our fraternity to our children’s children…
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