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Some times we all need some help. But I think it should be only one Brother doing it. The trouble is that we all don't do the same ritual in every Lodge so if you say a word and that Lodge does a different ritual then every thing stops.

We in the UK have what we call an IPM reading the Ritual throughout the meeting to insure the Master and I hope the officers get the words right.

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I have to remember to mention the cautions before we start the conferral to designate who are prompters when. Normally it's the secretary while I am in the east, and the SD at the altar. I also ask the brothers to not clap and cheer when someone give a lecture (working tools, g lecture, apron, etc) because it draws attention away from the candidate and the degree should be solely focused on him. There doesn't need to be the "duty is performed" bit either. Just say what you need to say and move on with the ceremony.

You are right, it's these little things that need to change. It's all about creating a different mindset, especially during a degree.

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One of the best things about Legendary Freemasonry, is experiencing the infectious enthusiasm as the Lodge comes alive from the heightened experiences. Excellent ritual begets even more excellent ritual and so on.

The best way to not repeat what we found distasteful about the past is to never forget how we felt about it.

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