Let's Discuss The Posting Lectures

In Washington we call the Catechisms of the Degrees Posting Lectures. Traditionally they were memorized as a way of proving proficiency in a given Degree.

Judging proficiency is however in this Jurisdiction completely up to the Lodge. While some still require the full posting lecture, others may only require a small part of it such as the Obligation plus the modes of recognition. Still other Lodges utilize our Alternate Proficiency.

As the use of the Posting Lectures has fallen away in some Lodges, those Lodges are now without that extremely old and traditional ritual form.

Let’s chat about that…

How important is it that our Lodges preserve the use of the Catechisms?

Do our Masons miss out on something important when the Catechisms aren’t utilized?

Do we lose something important if we never hear the Catechisms in open Lodge?

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